Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Cuban Black bean : In my family there are many different recipes  for Black Beans .
Black Bean Potaje  is like a party  every body gets in to it. Is like one of thous things it gets past down from generation to generation and then everyone make there own version hahahah Lol .And grandma said OYE ASI NO SE ASE LOS FRIJOLES  ME OISTE.!!!!!! SE HACE ASI.( translation) Hay thats not the way to do the frijoles ( BEANS) you do it like this. Cuban crazy family thing ,everyone has one.
 My Fathers Jesus his Black Beans are, Laurel leaf dried and Green peppers and olive oil.
 Mine, wish My son and Daughter say are the TA TATATAN ! THE GOOD BLACK BEANS. Have Malanga root ,thats a potato like root is Delicious like sweet here is a picture .
This is Malanga root :Ethnic/Cultural Info
An identification problem exists in Puerto Rico and Cuba, where most Malanga root is sold. In Cuban markets, Malanga islena is actually taro root, not Malanga root. Malanga amarilla, or yellow malanga, has the barrel-shape of taro, but is truly Malanga. Experts on the subject claim that this apricot- to yellow-fleshed tuber is the only Malanga in which the rounded central corm is eaten instead of the smaller irregularly club-shaped surrounding cormels. Called Malanga in Cuba, Peurto Ricans call it yautia. In most countries, this root is simply peeled and boiled--that's it.

Iam not sure on the history but I think it comes from Africa.

Malanga is good for babies it will not give them gas. Is a comfort food in cuba.
 you can mash it ,fry it , or put in soup and just like potato.

O.K. Back to Black Beans .

The way I make my black bean is: 
1 lb. of black beans                 1 t. baking powder
10 C. water                            pinch of salt

   Clean the beans good, put water, salt, baking powder in a pot  add Beans leave over night.
they will get soft and  release  the gas that will give you gas.  no gas good thing.

Next Morning put pot in Med. Heat cover and cook for 45 min. Till soft.
   2/3 c OLIVE OIL                      1 t. SUGAR
    1 LARGE ONION                     1/4 OREGANO
     5 GARLIC GLOVE                   3. LAUREL LEAF
      1 t. VINEGAR                        2 t. DRY WINE (VINO SECO)
                              OLIVE OIL TO SERVE 
  you can add green olives if you like . I dont.

  In a pan add olive oil heat the oil. Add Onion chopped ,Garlic mince and green pepper chopped.
cook for 3 min in med. heat .when cooked add 1 C of cooked Black Beans no water just beans 
mix with the condiments mash every thin together. Add to the pot with the beans.
  And add the Malanga peel and chopped, oregano ,pinch of sugar, salt and pepper to taste
 Dry wine ( vino seco), 1 or 2 t. vinegar.
 Med. to low heat cook for 1 hour or more cover the pot . till the water gets a little  thick . 
   when ready serve over rise and add a little olive oil on top.
Sorry for the long story but now you know. You will have a good NOCHE BUENA with this.