Monday, December 28, 2009

Well I'am back. Happy New Year everyone; going back to the YUCA CON MOJO( yucca with
mojo marinate.what is mojo to make mojo you take one head of garlic peal and mash in a mallet put a pinch of salt for the garlic to stick together, when mash add a pinch of oregano,1 lime juice mix well, olive oil very hot heat oil in a small pot. Add oil in the mallet it will fried the garlic when garlic is the color green is done. remember your home will small like a Cuban house garlicky good luck.

1 Head of garlic (pealed)

1 Pinch oregano

1 pinch of salt

1 whole lime

1/2 cup olive oil

YUCA: Cassava, native to Brazil

How to cook yuca peal cut in median size and boiled add salt a pinch no more cook until tender and translucent,drain and serve .

Pore mijito over yuca and have a fiesta (party) yummy yummy if you get to heaven after eating let me know.

NUTRIENT: Fiber. vitamins A,B and C Calcium,Iron, Potassium,Manganese, Phosphorus and Copper.


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